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Full Electric, High-Low, Long Term Care, Bariatric, and Commercial Grade hospital bed models in stock for Residential, Assisted Living, and Nursing Home patient care.

Hospital Beds Chicago offers the Highest Standard of Home Care Medical Equipment in the industry.

All Re-certified Hospital Beds includes a Brand New Medical Mattress, Overbed Table, and One Year Warranty.

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Call (312) 618-6996 or (219) 218-0267 for a Free Consultation with our Expert Staff.

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Things to Consider Before Getting a Hospital Bed

  • How long is the patient going to spend in the bed daily?
  • How long is the patient going to need the bed?
  • Can the patient move in and out of the bed by themselves?
  • The weight of the patient?
  • Cost and Insurance Options?

Consider all of the above factors before getting a hospital bed. In some cases it is better to rent than to purchase depending on the length of time you feel the hospital bed and other equipment will be needed. For recovery, renting is more practical. For long term care, purchasing is the most cost-effective.

Hospital Beds for Home Care

Many times when patients are ill they wish to stay at home and be cared for at home rather than seeking care elsewhere. This can mean that nursing care and special medical equipment are needed to help make it more comfortable for them at home. A hospital bed is one of those items that may be on the list.

Different Types of Hospital Beds

Not all hospital beds are made the same. Quite the contrary; there are several different types with some catering to patients with specific illnesses.

Full Electric Bed

This is the typical modern hospital bed. Buttons on the side rails or hand pendant, raises and lowers the bed to different positions. If patients are well enough they can usually adjust the bed themselves.

Low Hospital Bed

As their name suggests, these beds are lower to the ground than typical hospital beds. They are meant for people who may be more prone to fall out of bed even though there are side rails. They are typically no more than two feet off of the ground. These beds offer the option to raise and lower the head and foot of the bed, as well as the height adjustment of the entire bed frame, which is better for shorter patients that are 5”6 and shorter, and also better for the caregiver to adjust the bed to a higher position in the case of servicing the patient in the bed.

Low Air Lose Bed

Designed for burn patients and those with skin grafts, these types of hospital beds keep patients cool by blowing air into special sacs in the mattress. This type of bed is also ideal for those with circulatory problems and those prone to pressure ulcers because the mattresses help take pressure off of the skin.

Long Term Care Hospital Bed

A long term care hospital bed is a commercial grade hospital bed such as a Hill-Rom, Stryler, and other major brand beds you actually see in hospitals. These beds are built for long term use, and includes features such as trend / reverse trend, air mattresses , semi recliner chair position, and some even include a digital scale to keep track of the patients weight. These beds are more costly, but for long term care, these beds will serve the patient and the caregiver well.

Bariatric Hospital Bed

Bariatric Hospital Beds are designed for larger patients that are at least 250 lbs and over. You can find these beds in widths from 42” wide to 54” wide. Weight capacity from 500 lbs to 1000 lbs. While the 500 lbs beds are the most common, the 1000 lb capacity beds are available. The sleep surfaces on bariatric hospital beds are more solid to support the added weight, and the motors are designed to also support the added weight. The frames are made of steel which also supports more weight than a normal size residential hospital bed.


There are many different types and styles of hospital beds available. Below is a basic description of the different types of beds available for your needs. All circumstances are not the same, therefore there are different beds available to you for the most usable service in your home, assisted living, or nursing home facilities. 

Below is a description of the difference between the Full Electric, Semi Electric,  Hi / Low beds, and Bariatric Beds. This information will help you greatly in your choice of a hospital bed. For more information to help you with your purchase of a hospital bed, please call 312-618-6996 or 219-218-0267.

                                                                      FULL ELECTRIC HOSPITAL BEDS
The Full-Electric Bed offers the greatest convenience for the patient and caregiver. The easy-to-use pendant control provides motorized positioning of the upper body and knees, and also adjusts bed frame height for efficient use of accessories and for safe and easy patient transfer. We carry the full electric hospital bed in many major brands such as , INVACARE, DRIVE, LUMEX, MEDLINE, HILL ROM AND OTHERS.

Dimensions: 88" (L) x 15"-23" (H) x 36" (W)
Sleep Surface: 80" (L) x 36" (W)
Product Weight Capacity: 450 lb.
Patient Weight Capacity: 350 lb.
Choice of full or half side rails.

                                                        HI / LOW FULL ELECTRIC HOSPITAL BEDS

Hi / Low beds brings the safety and convenience of a low bed into the Home care Bed Series with the Hi / Low Full-Electric Low Bed. Hi / Low beds are most often usedwhen injuries from falling out of bed are a concern. Hi / Low beds are also great for patients that are under 5.7 ft. tall.

Hi / Low beds can be a great help to caregivers as the beds can be lowered or raise to a selected height for servicing patients in bed.
Dimensions: 88" (L) x 9.5" low - 30" high.
Sleep Surface: 80" (L) x 36" (W)
Maximum Patient Weight: 350 lb
Choice of full or half side rails.

Hi-Low Adjustments: 9.5" min. - up to 30" max. (measured from floor to bed deck)
High-Impact Bed End Panels are more durable, scratch-resistant and washable for easy cleaning.
Easy Assembly: Color Coded step by step assembly makes it simple for anyone to put together.
Full Electric: Raises both the Head and Legs, but also the overall height of the bed.
Standard Outlet: DC low-voltage, compact motor system is faster, quieter and lighter.
Quiet motor system with waterproof enclosures.

Fast Cycle Time for the lowering of the bed. 
Ergonomic Remote Control comes with durable strain relief, heavy-duty cord.
Emergency crank provided allows all motors to be operated manually in the event of a power failure.
Locking Casters so bed stays in place

                                               BARIATRIC 600 LB TO 1000 LB CAPACITY HEAVY DUTY HOSPITAL BEDS
The Bariatric Bed is a heavy-duty full-electric bed frame designed for bariatric individuals, capable of supporting up to 600 pounds. The bed frame extends to the edges of the bed deck for better support. Using the hand pendant, the patient or caregiver is able to change the positioning of the head and foot sections, as well as the bed height. And, even though this is a substantial bed, set up within the home is easy.

                                                                      Bariatric 600 LB Capacity Frame

Heavy-duty frame design ensures added strength for client support
Heavy-duty bed sleep surface is 17% larger to ensure comfortable positioning
Split-spring design with removable bed ends for ease in set up
No special tools necessary for in-home setup
Easy-release motor mounts allow quick motor removal
Robotically welded, steel frame construction
Control Pendant allows for dynamic client positioning
High end motors provides a smooth and quiet operation

Emergency crank manually functions to lower any raised section of bed
Heavy Duty Bed 600 lb. weight capacity
Mattress and side T rails included with bariatric beds.

We stock full electric bariatric hospital beds with a weight capacity from 600 lbs to 1000 lbs. standard 42 inch width. 

Bariatric hospital beds are available in 42 inch, 48 inch, and 54 inch wide models.

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